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Seasonality and mobility of the last Neanderthals/first Anatomically Modern Humans in North-West Europe: a faunal perspective

The aim of this doctoral research is to further our understanding of the human occupation in North-West Europe at the end of MIS 3 by studying faunal material.
This study is currently focusing on the Meuse Valley sites (Belgium), involving new data from recent excavations (Tiène des Maulins) as well as museum collections curated at the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences (Trou Magrite...) and the Royal Museums of Art and History (Trou du Renard). Various analyses will be carried out in parallel (isotopes, radiocarbon dates, cementum analyses, etc) in order to re-construct faunal and human migrations and their adaptation to climatic fluctuations during MIS 3.

Internal member(s)
Mietje Germonpré
Other member(s)
Marc Groenen, promoter (ULB)
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