Guidelines to follow during your visit

The Educational Service welcomes individuals and groups.

It is in charge of:

  • Guided tours, nature workshops, activities and educational field trips;
  • Creation of didactical documents;
  • Information dissemination;
  • Documentation research;
  • Booking of educational rooms

The Museum's educational infrastructures:

  • A classroom (40 seats), an auditorium (150 seats), a multi-purpose hall as well as 5 workshop rooms;
  • Besides multimedia applications in the Museum halls, the Education Service has audio-visual material: slides, films, video, and other didactic support;
  • Infodidac: our didactic publications for teachers;
  • The museum’s library gives free access to scientific publications, suited to anyone's level (weekdays only).

Teacher’s handbooks and questionnaires

In order to help you prepare a self-guided visit, a lesson or just to arouse your curiosity, we’ve developed some documents that can be downloaded freely: illustrated teacher’s handbooks and questionnaires you can fill in during a self-guided visit.

Activity sheets:

Activity sheets are available in French and Dutch
Switch to French by clicking the (Fr) icon (upper left), switch to Dutch by clicking the (Nl) icon.
(We apologize for not having English versions available...)


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