Chimpanzé regarde dans le camera

New Population of Eastern Chimpanzees Discovered in Remote Congolese Mountain Forests

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Reinout Verbeke

A Belgian-Congolese research team has discovered and documented a community of eastern chimpanzees in three small mountain forests in eastern Congo, near Lake Albert.

Grey seal with typical head injuries, Oostduinkerke, 20 March 2021 (© Fire Brigade Westhoek)

Seals with damaged heads

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Kelle Moreau

So far in 2021, 22 dead seals have washed ashore along the Belgian coast. Half of them, mostly young grey seals, showed characteristic neck and head injuries. There was talk of decapitations and this caused quite a stir.

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Numbers and vertical distribution of birds detected by the Helchteren radar in a three-day period around 21 February 2021.

Ten weather radars detect bird migration across the Benelux, and you can watch in real time!

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Kelle Moreau

Every spring and autumn, millions of birds migrate over our country. They do this mainly at high altitudes and at night, which makes the phenomenon largely invisible to us. But not for weather radars!

Scientific News
Campaign image of #TogetherForBiodiversity

Save biodiversity, together and now! Every square metre counts!

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Kelle Moreau

The more than 100 partners of the Belgian movement #TogetherForBiodiversity call for and give tips on how to work together for more biodiversity (promo video - Dutch or French

Maxilla and mandible assemblage of a late Neanderthal from Spy cave (c) Patrick Semal

Neanderthals disappeared from Belgium thousands of years earlier than thought

post by
Siska Van Parys

Belgian Neanderthal remains, including the world-famous Neanderthals of Spy, are thousands of years older than previously assumed. This is the conclusion of an international research team that re-dated the Belgian Neanderthal remains with a new technique.


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